About Us 

Camp Warren Jyrch, established in 1973, is an annual, one-week resident camp program for males and females with hemophilia or other hereditary symptomatic bleeding disorders. It is named after Warren C. Jyrch, the first person with hemophilia to successfully undergo open-heart surgery in Illinois. Camp Warren, a program of the Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois (BDAI), serves as a symbol of hope for a positive future for all who are affected by hereditary bleeding disorders.

Camp Warren has served nearly 1950 campers. Many of these campers have participated in the Counselor-In-Training program and also serve as part of the senior camp staff.


The Board of BDAI has approved the following three statements, which serve as the over-riding philosophy and/or policy for Camp Warren Jyrch. 

  1. Camp Warren Jyrch will serve males and females from the ages of 7 through 15 years of age with hereditary bleeding disorders who reside in the state of Illinois regardless of race, religion, economic status or geographic location of the family. 
  2. If the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) Director and the child’s family feel that a child is physically and psychologically able to benefit from camp, all efforts will be made to accommodate him/her at Camp Warren Jyrch. If it is felt that to do so would detract from the total camp program or jeopardize the safety of any camper, efforts will be made to refer him/her to a camp more suitable for the child. 

All camp staff will have a background check done relative to past or pending legal problems.  No person shall be hired who fails to successfully complete the above.


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