Newly Diagnosed?

Were you or a family member just diagnosed with a bleeding disorder?

We can help! We can provide information on bleeding disorders, medical services, Hemophilia treatment centers and Hemotologists, medical products and treatments. We can also connect you with other families and persons with bleeding disorders.

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About BDAI

The Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois (BDAI) supports families affected by inherited bleeding disorders such as Hemophilia and von Willebrand disease by providing its members with the unbiased medical information and resources that allow them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. This neutral information is especially important for families seeking answers and support soon after the initial diagnosis.

BDAI also fosters a welcoming community for families to meet, interact and share information and advice. Through education and support, BDAI helps its members advocate on their own behalf with public and private insurance providers, medical services and government agencies, while representing the bleeding community in the world at large.

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Hermanos: Afectado y Inafectado

October 26: 6:30PM - 8:30PM

1500 W Taylor St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Los hermanos de personas con hemofilia están afectado en maneras diferentes. BDAI tendrá una discusión que explora los problemas que los hermanos e personas con hemofilia se enfrentan.

Evento en alianza con Biogen.

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Coalition for Hemophilia B Meeting

The Coalition for Hemophilia B is hosting a meeting for all Illinois families in Schaumburg, IL on Saturday, November 12th. If you are interested in this opportunity to connect with other Hemophilia B families click on the link for more information and registration information.

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Annual Meeting

Thank you to everyone who made it to this year's Annual Meeting. Click on the link below for more information on what BDAI has been up to this past year!

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Annual Meeting 2016 Award Recipients

BDAI was proud to bestow several awards to community members and advocates that help to keep or organization afloat. Please help us in congratulating them below.

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BDAI Shoe Drive

BDAI is raising awareness for people without adequate or no shoes at all, and you can help. Simply collect shoes from your family, friends, neighbors, work, community center, religious institution, etc and bring them on over to our downtown office or give us a call and we'll figure out the rest!

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