2015 Annual Meeting

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About Us

Hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders are a group of rare conditions caused by intrinsic or genetic defects which causes a person to bleed for longer periods of time than normal. Years ago, having a bleeding disorder meant extremely compromised lives, not just for the patients but for their families as well. Today, thanks to strong treatment alternatives and a national coordinated system of health care, our children and adults can live healthy, productive lives.

One of the greatest challenges faced by someone with a bleeding disorder is finding the right information and resources when they need it. The Bleeding Disorder Alliance Illinois (BDAI) to help meet those needs.

Since 1949, BDAI has provided accurate and timely information for those living in the state of Illinois with a bleeding disorder. Governed by a Board of Directors and a strong professional staff, BDAI has provided individuals and their families with vital knowledge and made tremendous strides in:


Support Services




Today, thousands of individuals and families affected in Illinois depend on BDAI for advocacy, education and empowerment.


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